We love darts and we love making good things better.

Our goal is to revolutionize the way of playing darts - not only for professionals but also for your darts practises at home an for social darts matches in every club. By merging your traditional dart board with cutting-edge technology, high-quality materials and a modern design we create an unique feeling of playing darts and lift you up to the next level.

Professional darts

Imagine a darts tool that offers you a completely new experience of practising and competing darts. With various in-app features you can keep track of your statistics, analyze your performance in training and competition and enter the next level of professionality.

Home darts

Connect dart sports, latest technology and design and you get a breathtaking home device which makes playing dart even more fun. With its highly innovative technology and high-quality materials, spiderbull creates an artful atmosphere within your darts match.

Social darts

Unite with people around the world – around the clock. Spiderbull provides a perfect opportunity for beginners of every age to play darts. Regardless of your skill level you can play online, meet friends or meet new people while playing darts.

Product Details

About Spiderbull

Spiderbull is a dart-up from science city Jena / Germany run by an engaged product development team. In cooperation with the computer vision group of the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena and founded by an EXIST Business Start-up Grant we realized our latest set of prototypes.

Hardware prototype

Our fully operational hardware prototype is based on an integrated camera system which provides the required information for the calculation process. By combining elements of design and technology it comes with a visionary touch of art, which represents spiderbulls vision. We work further to improve engineering, design and quality to reach a remarkable level for production stage

Software prototype

Our PC-based software prototype processes the incoming data from the hardware camera system and calculates the score on a very precise and reliable level in real-time. It is our goal to improve the software to handle the calculation process even more stable, fast and reliable.

Application prototype

Our concept of the smartphone and tablet application can be tested as “klick-dummy”. It shows different types of games, tools for statistics and analysis and the various features for everyones personalized user accounts. The next step persists in developing our vision of the app and implement all features.


konrad Heppner


 the creativ, outside the box thinking strategist

Rico Georgi


the well-structured, conscientious engineer